Well said Anonymous. Yes, principles are important and yes, for others, it is ideal to organize their lives according to God, beliefs instilled. But what if someone has none of this because they are immature in the faith or have never been taught? And then they are at the front of a worship team? Do we wait for them to catch up with the more mature, or do we gently educate them (disciples) on the “why” of certain norms? Certainly, everyone in a department should adhere to it and there should be no double standards. It all really comes down to the extent of your “rules.” If a church is extreme in its rules, then yes, you will have people who defy those rules. But I`m not talking about extreme rules, I`m just talking about common sense things that are biblical and practical. I wouldn`t agree with a church that told me I just had to dress in neutral colors. I think that goes too far. But if I really wanted to team up with praise, I`d stick to it, even if I didn`t like it. I was in a team years ago when they told us we didn`t have jeans anymore. Well, that`s all I`ve ever worn, so I wasn`t happy about it.

But I submitted anyway. We may not always agree with the choices and the way our church does things, but it doesn`t matter as long as we refuse and see the big picture. Why do we need different standards for musicians and singers, even though I`ve done it many times. While worship leaders, including me and the singers, were deeply involved in the prayers that preceded the practice, the musicians always remained separate. Don`t musicians worship God with their music in the same way as singers who worship God with their voices? COMMITMENT TO A PIOUS LIFESTYLE Church members are expected to lead an impeccable way of life and even avoid the appearance of evil. (I Tim 3). Being a preacher who is outspoken adds an extra responsibility because people see us as examples of what a Christian should be. Therefore, it is imperative that we think about how we treat each other and carefully protect our hearts from impurities and pride.

It is God`s desire and our desire for our worship team members to live a victorious Christian life, free from slavery. If there are any addictions or issues you`re struggling with, please let us know – we`re here to help, not judge you. .