The manufacturer can sell its own products and services without paying additional fees in terms of advertising and advertising for its products. In addition, the white label agreement option allows the manufacturer to expand the customer spectrum of its products and services to form a successful business model that it can offer to other potential similar partners. As disadvantages for the manufacturer, we can affirm that the recognition of products is not advantageous for his own goodwill and the reputation of the company, but for the goodwill and reputation of the reseller. In addition, it is difficult to get direct reminders from customers about its products, as all contact with customers is maintained through the reseller. Another important aspect is the sale of its goods and services to the reseller at a lower price than in which it would sell them independently. a. Limited License. MOBIBLOCKS grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use the Platform during the Term solely to design, create, sell and manage video advertisements for Customer`s customers and third-party customers (the “License”) that will be hosted on MOBIBLOCKS` current white label content management interface. Without limiting the general quality of the foregoing, Customer has no right to sublicense or grant access to the Platform or the promotional video rendering services it contains to any third party (including Customer`s customers), unless the Platform is resold to Customer`s customers in accordance with the terms of Section 5.

under. The customer agrees not to sell unlimited plans and offers. The customer also agrees not to sell lifetime or prepaid offers. The customer can only sell packages that appear on the parcel pages or an add-on for the sales credit. All customers of the customer accept the terms of use of Mobiblocks and submit their payments to Mobiblocks. The Customer undertakes not to create several websites with different domain names on which links to the Customer`s main domain are placed. The customer must have a separate white label account for each white label website. The primary domain name of the customer`s website cannot be changed after purchasing the white label account. The Customer undertakes not to resell the Platform and will work with MOBIBLOCKS to ensure that third-party service providers are transmitted to Most white label service contracts include a section on profit potential.

You need to make sure that the agency you are using weighs heavily enough on the client so that you and the agency can make a decent profit. .