The university`s mission is to provide broad access to quality post-secondary education through a distance learning environment and the preparation of its graduates to achieve professional excellence and positive social change. In keeping with this mission, the psychology program was designed to prepare scientists-practitioners for real challenges and enable positive change in local, national and global individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Affiliation Agreement concluded and approved: This means that an agreement with your selected field website is registered and valid and approved. For all field experiments, membership agreements are required by the University of Walden. Upon receipt of your request for field experience, the SOC OFE will contact your office to request a new agreement if we do not yet have an updated agreement with the site. In your Meditrek account, you have access to a list of all the current membership agreements that Walden University has with various offices across the country and around the world. Design stored by the site administrator: This means that the site administrator started selecting an agreement option and/or began entering the address information, but was registered as a project instead of submitting his selection. You should log in and finish your selection. Unacceptable sites: acute care centres (hospitals, operations centres, EDs, emergency clinics), specialized clinics, long-term care centres, university health services, hospices, pain care centres, home care and cancer centres. No, the SOC-OFE will contact the local contact you indicate on your request from Meditrek to initiate a membership agreement with the website. Make sure the contact information you provide in your application is correct. Information on the website transmitted by the students: This means that the coordinator has received your information and verifies that we have a valid agreement. If it is not the administrator of the site, it is informed.

If we do, the coordinator will agree on your application. For more questions about your contract to request care, please contact us. The most up-to-date status For your membership agreement, your application`s checklist is always listed in the “Affiliation Agreement” section – see below for a breakdown of the different statuses: First make sure you are familiar with the field experience requirements of your program. Then you can start exploring and contacting potential field sites. You can even ask that we start establishing a membership agreement with a future website before applying. For more information, please see the application for a membership agreement before the application. Where possible, Walden actively pursues affiliation contracts with new sites. Walden University has resources and staff to enable new membership agreements. Contact the Office of Field Experience to discuss options if the desired field website is not listed in this database. This course does not focus on training patients, students or staff.

A university, university or human resources development department is not an appropriate location and will not help students achieve the objectives of this course. The management of students in care in a clinical environment would also not be an appropriate activity for this course. In addition, individuals with educator roles are not appropriate receivers for this internship, unless they have expertise as clinicians and may allow students to have access to direct contact with the patient. If your site has your own preferred agreement or needs to make changes to Walden`s standard agreement, this must be approved by Walden`s Central Field Experience Unit (COFE).