These exhibition games have a variable of two or three rounds, depending on the rules used for each season. In most seasons, preliminary games (before the semi-finals) lasted two rounds. In season two, all games have had three rounds. All matches after the first round use three rounds after the standard UFC fights. During the finals for each series, the division finals will have the three standard rounds, plus a fourth round if the judges score a draw. Another section of Topel`s report also highlights the UFC`s use of contract renewals or tolls. While Blair`s previous analysis used the terms of the original contract, each UFC PAR agreement contains clauses allowing for a possible contract extension. From 2010 to 2015, 99.1% of UFC contracts contained a champion clause that allowed for a one-year extension or three fights if a fighter won a title, and 100% of them, according to Topel`s report, allowed extensions due to combatant injuries or retirements. If a fighter feels tired or injured, he cannot attribute his fights to a teammate or friend.

This type of subcontracting is a no. But Zuffa can attribute the fights of one fighter to another promoter. The first televised event of the promotion – UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. dos Santos – broke form by showing only one fight in front of viewers. In the main statement, Junior dos Santos dethroned UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, then undefeated in the first round with 1:04. With 8.8 million viewers, the show peaked in the fight with an average audience of 5.7 million, making it by far the most watched MMA event of all time and the most watched combat sports event since the HBO bout between Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko in 2003. [108] Zuffa`s obligations on its products and services are subject only to the provision agreements and nothing on this site should be interpreted to alter these agreements. McGregor`s website, The Mac Life, broke the news on Thursday that the former two-weight title holder had signed the fight agreement to close the matchup. ESPN reported in early November that Poirier had already signed the combat contract. The UFC stages fights in an eight-page paddock, officially called “The Octagon.” Initially, the SEG had marked the concept as well as the term and prevented other mixed martial arts promotions from using the same type of cage, but in 2001 Zuffa gave permission for other promotions to use octagonal cages, on the grounds that the young sport needs uniformity to continue to obtain official sanctions. Today, Zuffa reserves the right to use the name “The Octagon” exclusively. [190] Thanks to antitrust proceedings, the hitherto opaque world of MMA`s business has improved somewhat in recent years.

In addition to learning more about the share of event revenue that goes to combatants, we now have a better understanding of how long fighters tend to be exclusively related to the UFC. On December 2, 2014, the UFC and Reebok held a press conference to announce an exclusive agreement for Reebok, who will become the UFC`s global decorator from July 2015.