We may also disclose information: (i) whether disclosure would reduce our liability for real or threatened action; (ii) if necessary, in order to protect our legal rights and rights of our users, business partners or other interested parties; (iii) to enforce our agreements with you; and (iv) to investigate, prevent or take other action in the history of unlawful activities, fraud or other wrongdoing. This agreement, along with the privacy policy, cookie policy, security advice, arbitration procedures (if you apply) and all the conditions you have disclosed and accepted, when you purchase additional features, products or services that we offer on the service, contain the entire agreement between you and Tinder regarding the use of the Service. If a provision of this agreement were to be struck down, the rest of this agreement would remain fully in force and effective. The inability of the company to exercise or enforce a right or provision in this agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision. You agree that your Tinder account is not transferable and that all your rights to your account and its contents expire after your death. Under this agreement, there are no agencies, partnerships, joint ventures, trustees or other specific relationships or jobs, and you cannot link or hire under any circumstances. You can change your payment method information by visiting Tinder and going to settings. If a payment has not been successfully settled due to expiry, insufficient resources or other means, and you do not change your payment information, terminate or terminate your subscription, you will remain responsible for the un recovered amounts and allow us to continue to settle the payment method, as it may be updated. This may result in a change in your billing data. In addition, you allow us to receive updated or replacement feed data and card numbers for your credit or debit card, such as provided by your credit or debit card issuer. The terms of your payment are based on your payment method and can be determined by agreements between you and the financial institution, credit card issuer or any other provider of your chosen payment method. If you reside outside the United States, you agree to have your payment to Tinder made through MTCH Technology Services Limited. Please note that Tinder may access, store and disclose your account information and contents if required by law, in accordance with your consent or assuming in good faith that such access, storage or disclosure is of legitimate interest, including: (i) compliance with legal procedure; (ii) the implementation of the agreement; (iii) respond to allegations that the content violates the rights of third parties; (iv) respond to your customer service requests or (v) to protect the rights, property or personal safety of the company or any other person.