Scottish Widows dates back to 1812, when a group of prominent Scots gathered in the Royal Exchange Coffee Rooms in Edinburgh to discuss the creation of a “general guarantee fund for widows, sisters and other women.” No, the mortgage illustration does not show information about offsets. To get a projection of how a customer can benefit from compensation, you can use the offset machine available on Go to to access information and support. Please note that this machine is only an illustration and does not contain a formal mortgage offer or policy decision. The Scottish Widows Professional Mortgage is specifically for qualified and eligible professionals, including accountants, teachers and doctors. Scottish Widows` fixed and variable interest rate and Scottish Widows offset mortgages are available. There is no limit to the number of additional payments a Scottish Widows Tracker Rate mortgage customer can make. If you have a fixed-rate mortgage with you, you can make a one-time lump sum payment of up to 10% of the current account balance every 12 months. Once a tariff/product has been removed, you can no longer advance your application. Please read the new prices/products available and, if necessary, re-contact you with a new price/product.

Scottish Widows offers a number of types of mortgages, including: Every time you see this icon on a page, it means that you leave the Scottish Widows website by selecting the marked link and you access a third-party website. Scottish Widows does not accept the accuracy, reliability, availability or any other use of these sites. > important information about scottish Widows Bank | Read how we use cookies. To do this, you must download the Internet Banking/Telephone Banking registration form from your website and send it back to your website. This type of mortgage is tailored to the needs of a variety of clients, including the self-employed. It depends on a number of factors; including the number of applicants, address history, employment history, etc. As a general indication, please 15-20 minutes for a single candidate DIP application. Once you have filed a DIP and received a decision, the data entered cannot be changed. If you need to change customer data or credit requirements, please reapply for DIP.

Our tracker rates are linked to the Bank of England base rate managed by the Bank of England, this rate may rise or fall, which will affect the cost of your mortgage payments. Once you have filed a full application and received a decision, the data entered cannot be changed. If the application continues, please contact your designated insurer on 0345 845 0110 select option two and then select three. Our lines are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also send an email directly to your insurer. You only need a separate debit mandate if your client uses different accounts that are nominated for their mortgage and offset savings account. If your client needs separate accounts, please print and complete two copies of the debit mandate.