There are two basic price models that are used for podcast sponsorship: you have thus managed to carve a small niche or even a large audience for your podcasts. Congratulations! But are you aware of the value of your podcast audience? Many podcast producers don`t realize how much revenue they can get from their podcast success. You can look for sponsors who willingly pay the chance to engage with the public you have built with so much success and patience. Sometimes you can get lucky and sponsors will find you. This is not to say that sponsorship does not involve advertising as part of the sponsorship agreement. However, it is not limited to the ad itself. In fact, it can be very experienced with public events and other digital possibilities such as live streaming of a podcast on social media. A podcast sponsorship is actually a partnership that exists between you as a content creator and a company, organization or even another person that offers you compensation for using your audience. Although it contains in most cases a form of financial contribution, it could also be against, such as free samples of a product or service or simply attract a large industry or niche “guest” to appear in your podcast. Scope means other ways to touch and influence people.

She podcasts receive between 1000 and 2000 downloads per episode. But their reach is much broader, because their Facebook group has more than 12,000 women, and their social media accounts combined have thousands more. Can I use this model if I am not from the United States? Use our business templates to get started and include videos, images, maps and more. These models are now used by more than 5000 designers. That`s a lot of feedback that we were able to process and use to improve our models! Don`t make your sponsorship proposal, but ask questions: Most lawyers who sell models have not learned directly from the lady who literally wrote the book on Contract Drafting (she taught at my law school). Last year, I was offered two internal legal positions in Fortune 500 companies. I said no. I do it because I want to, not because I have to.

This may sound like a no-brain, but it is not easy to overlook the designation of the parties involved. Don`t let assumptions play a role in the agreement. Make it clear in the treaty. As with any form of sponsorship, sponsors use the public to achieve their goals. Usually sponsors are looking for more products to sell, find more customers or increase brand awareness for a particular purpose or only in general. What you offer them is a unique opportunity to reach their audience, whether it is a niche or a broader audience based on demographics.