The new version of NVivo, launched by QSR in March 2020, is now available via Chest. Any institution wishing to equip itself with the new NVivo must sign a declaration guaranteeing that chest customers can use the new features, while QSR protects and reassures you against the prospects of compliance, security, RGPD and data protection. Find the document here, please fill in and return to; We will be transferred to QSR, who will quickly organize the access. Where there is a chest agreement, we will always try to use it, because long-term agreements offer great value and stability. This applies to authorized users who travel abroad for more than three months. If the user has permanent residence abroad and is not in any of the categories mentioned above, they need a separate license. Please contact for more information or explanations. QSR can partner organizations with a team of coaching experts and consultants to help users get the most out of their QSR software. From individual advice to on-site group workshops, you can offer a number of services. These services are not included in the chest contract and are provided for a fee.

For more information and pricing, contact QSR directly via The software services manage a 5-year site licensing agreement for the university, which expires after April 2025. NVivo Form – License Agreement and Download Instructions F: Are we still in order to use older versions under the license agreement as well as the most recent version? A: There is no problem with using older versions. QSR has stopped supporting 10, and 11 will stop supporting when they release the next version (when it does). Obviously, all development resources are now dedicated to the new version and so there will be no improvement in 11 or 12 and to use Collaboration Cloud, you must be on the latest version to get download instructions for NVivo, please read and accept the license agreement below. The license code is only valid for the current academic session and you must complete a new form each year that you need. PhD students, telelearners and academics should fill out the form and then contact the IT department. Under this agreement, only location licenses are available.

If you would like to purchase a personal license for NVivo, we advise you to contact the QSR website or contact QSR directly by email at Q: If we had 10 researchers here who wanted to work with 5 researchers in another institution, either we would buy them all 15 licenses on the same agreement, then license them to the users of the other institution (and possibly reload them); or could we buy all the licenses on their own, but somehow they all have access to the same project? A: The main partner would buy collaborative clouds for everyone, wherever they are, and then assign them to specific email addresses. You can cross-load that, as you naturally like it. Everyone should also use the latest version of NVivo – version 12 – and if they were to reseed, they should have signed the contract change to make it possible.