Public and public schools are required to create funds to help workers and their families, whose employers contribute within the limits set by the decree. B to food, transportation, recreation, leisure education, social assistance and loans, etc. A portion of the contribution could be paid to supplementary pension insurance or life insurance or gifts for teachers` birthdays. This is a specific type of employment relationship that is mainly used for so-called external workers and, in cases, it is necessary to replace an absent worker. Since 2012, the contract has been provided for either a fixed-term contract or an indeterminate contract. The agreement must be concluded in writing. Teachers are not paid according to the salary scales, but according to the terms of their agreement. The application of these agreements is limited by law, so that the volume of work performed under these contracts must not exceed on average half of the weekly working time. The employment contracts confirm the conditions of employment of the staff. Each agent must have an employment contract. An employment problem may be a personal complaint, a dispute over the meaning or application of part of an individual employment contract. There is a defined process that must follow to address employment issues, including assistance and placement by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment. If they do not engage in direct pedagogical activity or other activities in which they must remain in school (welcoming students, replacing the co-worker, participating in school boards, etc.), teachers may work in a place other than the school or school.

On days when there is no teaching and teachers do not take time off, they must perform teaching-related work (unless they take study or compensatory leave). There is no planning policy for systematic long-term evidence of teacher supply and demand in the Czech Republic. However, statistical indicators of the number of students and teachers are continuously monitored at all levels of education. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport is responsible for the performance of the Ministry`s Statistical Office. The ministry can also carry out further studies/investigations into problems with teacher supply and demand (the last special survey was conducted in May 2019). The regulations for the work of school and school staff, established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the region, the commune or the Association of Volunteers of the communes, give details on the responsibilities of workers and employers in terms of employment, workload, leave and self-learning leave, as well as the supervision of students. Teachers, principals and all other non-unionized school staff must sign an individual employment contract. For most types of school employment, advertised individual employment contracts are available. You can download the corresponding IEA from the list below. The definition of the conditions of service of teaching staff in schools and schools (kindergarten, primary, upper secondary, higher vocational school – mateské kola, z-kladné ékola, st.d.s. kola, vyé odborna) is the responsibility of the director.