5.3 Offsset; Late royalties; Legal fees. If DocuSign owes the customer amounts that are not derived from this contract, these amounts are not withheld or deducted from an invoice issued under this Agreement. DocuSign can estimate late charges of less than one and a half per cent (1.5%) 2000. the outstanding monthly balance or the highest rate allowed by current legislation. The client is responsible for all reasonable legal fees, fees and expenses incurred by DocuSign to recover amounts that are not paid when due. If the Customer does not pay on time the amounts due under this Agreement, DocuSign may suspend the provision of these DocuSign services without limitation of its other rights or remedies until DocuSign receives all outstanding amounts from the customer. However, don`t be confused by the common practice of labeling certain terms of sale as “legal” or “commercial.” In reality, all terms of sale are “general conditions” with a specific “legal” effect. While you are tempted to lightly show a Master Service Agreement with its “legal Mumbo-Jumbo” and focus in a working statement on more familiar “commercial terms,” the reality is that documents must be considered as a whole. The terms of a master`s service contract have been designed for a reason, and each has legal and commercial implications that must be analyzed and verified to ensure that they match the corresponding transaction. 13.6 Fight against corruption.

With respect to the services provided under this Agreement and the Customer`s use of DocuSign`s products and services, the contracting parties are committed to complying with all applicable anti-corruption and corruption laws, statutes and regulations. While some master service agreements are written as all-in-one documents, which include a number of services in a stand-alone agreement, most Master Service Agreements explicitly believe that they are used in combination with shorter related documents, such as a working statement. From a structural point of view, most legal conditions are negotiated once in the Master Service Agreement, and then specific work statements are executed for certain services ordered by a client. A master service agreement, or “MSA,” as it is often called, is an agreement between a service provider and its client. Master service agreements vary considerably depending on the type of service, the type of customer, the industry involved and many other variable factors.