The employer has the right to enter into a vocational training contract with a jobseeker and a training contract for retraining with the organization`s staff. Members of the Labour Disputes Committee are free to participate in the work of the Labour Conflict Committee with the maintenance of the average wage. The inter-professional agreement (inter-professional agreement) sets out general provisions on wages, work guarantees and benefits for employees in the industry. Workers who have been sent to the university by the employer or who, whatever their organizational and legal form, have state accreditation, regardless of their organization and legal form: by correspondence, full-time and correspondence (evening), and who study successfully in these institutions, the employer grants additional leave with maintenance of the average salary Workers working with harmful and/or dangerous working conditions. – workers who participate in a specific activity, workers with irregular hours, workers who work and are assimilated to them in the regions and regions of the Far North, as well as in other cases provided for by federal law. The specific amounts of compensation are determined by the agreement of the parties to the employment contract, but cannot be less than the amounts set by the Government of the Russian Federation for organizations financed by the federal budget. Changing ownership of an organization`s ownership cannot be grounds for terminating employment contracts with other employees of an organization. The minimum of the required services (services) in the organization, the subsidiary, the representation is fixed on the agreement of the parties of collective conflict in collaboration with a local government on the basis of lists of minimum benefits (services) within five days of the decision of the strike. The inclusion of any type of benefits (services) on the minimum list is justified by the fact that the health or lives of civilians are at risk.

The minimum number of services required (services) does not include services (services) that are not provided in the respective lists of the minimum provision (services) required. As a foreign company, you should expect Danish trade unions to contact you to reach an agreement for workers posted to Denmark. You can negotiate a collective agreement with the union yourself or join a employers` organization that can negotiate on your behalf with the union.