For example, if you rent in an HMO room, the rules are different and a separate AST must be used for each room or you can use a license agreement. The Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is the most common type of agreement and lasts at least six months. This may be a 12-month lease with the possibility of a break clause after six months. At the end of this Parliament, the owner has the right to recover the property. Many lenders insist on this type of lease, so check with your lender if you are considering another type. Tenants in shares of houses or dwellings can use an Assured Shorthold rental agreement under a common name. But it is a good idea to have a clause that gives more flexibility with regard to redundancy periods, for example four weeks or more. Owners also need assurances that there is co-responsibility for property damage. Things can be simplified by entering into individual agreements for each tenant, so that if one person does not keep up with their rent, the other tenants are not affected. Our experienced rental team will prepare an appropriate lease for you as part of our tenant search and fully managed services.

This way you can be sure that the deal is legal and cheap for you and your tenant. Many agents of letting have different procedures. The Guide – Procedures are a general overview to help you rent a Hunters property. HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO BECOME EARN FOR THE PROPERTY? They must be employed with a regular verifiable income or be independent. You must earn either by yourself or at least 30 times the monthly rent of the property you choose to impose: Examples: Monthly rental 850.00 x 30 – 25,500 USD Gross annual salary. Monthly rent 1200.00 x 30 – 36,000 Gross annual salary Financing guaranteed by the owner of the financial guarantee, if, z.B. if the income of the tenants is below the threshold indicated below or if their employment is temporary or considered transformable. What`s more, if the tenants have not been employed continuously in the past 18 months or have worked abroad in the last 6 months. Please note that the deposit must be subject to the same criteria and that the deposit must also earn three times the annual rent, work full time and provide bank statements to regularly display the income credit.

From time to time, a landlord may require a tenant to provide a deposit as additional financial assistance, even if the tenant is qualified according to the Hunters criteria. The guarantor should be aware that he or she is guarantor of you and your partner, if you are moving in with another person in the property, for the total occupancy of the property, and not just for the initial rental period. YOUR OFFRE If we have found you as an appropriate property, you are able to submit an offer in return to the owner. Please note that any offer you make will depend on meeting our benchmarks and submitting documents and identifications. ACCORD THE LETSobald Your offer has been accepted by the owner, we will ask for references and establish the corresponding documents that form the basis of the agreement between you and the owner. JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY AND WHAT IT MEANSOne or more tenants is legally referred to “Joint and Several Liability,” which means that all tenants who enter into a joint contract act on behalf of each of them and are liable for lease obligations and costs incurred during a lease.