On the agreed departure day, rooms must be evacuated and made available to the hotel no later than 12:00 p.m. Subsequently, the hotel can charge 50% of the client`s total accommodation price at the hotel later than expected, but no later than 6pm, or 90% if the guest leaves the hotel after 6pm. The client`s contractual rights will not be claimed here. The hotel is free to inform the hotel that the loss of room use has caused no damage or a significant reduction in damage to the hotel. If the customer is late in payment, the legal provisions apply. The hotel reserves the right to provide proof that the damage suffered was greater. The terms and conditions apply to all GT3 Hotel Ltd. (GT3 Hotel) services for the customer, the organizer and other contractors. These services include the use for payment of hotel rooms and other premises for .B seminars, meetings, conferences, presentations, banquets and other events, the sale of food and beverages, the organization of cultural and sporting events and other programs or similar offers, as well as for all other services and supplies of gt3 Hotel Ltd. The client is not allowed to provide specific premises unless other agreements have been reached.

In justified cases, such as arrears. B payment of the customer or renewal of the contract, the hotel has the right to request a reasonable deposit or deposit within the meaning of point 3.6 above for the existing advance or security service agreed in the contract until the full payment agreed. Hotel bills that do not have an due date are due within 10 days of receipt and are fully payable. The hotel has the right to declare its accumulated debts at any time and to demand immediate payment. 3.8: In addition, the hotel is entitled to require, at the beginning and during the Client`s stay, a reasonable down payment or deposit within the meaning of point 3.6 above for the existing and future claims of the contract, as they have not already been paid in accordance with points 3.6 and/or 3.7 above. The hotel is entitled to demand an exceptional termination of the contract for objective reasons, in cases such as: if a right of withdrawal is not agreed or has already expired, there is no legal right of withdrawal or termination and if the hotel does not consent to the cancellation of the contract, the hotel reserves the right to demand the agreed payment without any action.