Tells of a festival of works by the New York City Ballet, which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of his death in April. The writer adapted his recent visit to China on the anniversary date of the Tiananmen Square events last year. “service contract” means the agreement between EDI and the subscriber that contains these general terms and conditions of sale. 1.2 Reference to a law or legal provision implies a reference to such statutes or legal provisions, which is consolidated or reissued from time to time. Participants are contacted once a year on the occasion of the anniversary of the last completed evaluation (plus or minus 2 months). “start date” means the date on which the Services commence, in accordance with the Service Agreement, or such other date as may be agreed in writing by the parties. In this case, a “year” is defined as contrary to the treaty, the period from the beginning of the contract to the first anniversary of the beginning of the contract, and then the following years. 23.1 The Service Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England or Delaware. The choice of law depends on the domicile of the person concerned.

These are the only jurisconsultations in which EDI manages contractual agreements. If the Subscriber does not make full payment in accordance with this Service Agreement, EDI may from time to time calculate interest on the outstanding amount from the due date until the total payment of 2% above the HSBC UK Bank plc base rate. 4.3 If the subscription fee were to increase by an amount different from that of the annual increase, the Subscriber may terminate this Agreement on the day the increase (Effective Date) would have taken effect”, by announcing EDI before the Effective Date, after which EDI will refund any part of the Subscription that relates to a period after that date: that has already been paid.