At Holmes, Diggs and Sadler, we have over 90 years of experience representing our neighbours in Houston in a large number of family law cases. Among our employees are two board certified lawyers, a performance of less than 1% of lawyers held in Texas. This means that if you hire Holmes, Diggs and Sadler, your case will benefit from the knowledge and skills of two family law specialists. One of these specialists is Cindy Diggs, one of our founding partners, who has 25 years of experience and has been appointed super-lawyer every year since 2009. We are proud of our excellent results and the litany of awards we have won over the years. However, we are more proud of the trust and esteem our customers have for us. We are fully dedicated to the needs of our clients and strive to provide personalized and compassionate legal service. We understand that marital agreements can be unpleasant, but we guarantee that we can help you as well as possible through this process. The common feature of those seeking advice on prenupes is the search for safety in an uncertain world. Our clients are usually young couples who dissolve and those later in life who, independently or with the encouragement of friends, family, shareholders, trustees, lawyers or accountants, try to reduce the possibility of conflict in the event of a breakdown of their marriage or to protect the assets of their children.

Collaborative legal methods are increasingly being used to negotiate marriage contracts. Jane Keir and Charlotte Bradley are trained in collaboration and can discuss this option with you. Couples can develop parenting plans with proposals for custody arrangements, visits, child-rearing and support if they separate, but parents should not include these terms in a prenup. The Court will not even consider the conditions of custody of the children under a matrimonial agreement and may, in certain circumstances, lead the court to invalidate the entire agreement. The law firm DeWitt has helped many clients with marriage contracts. We know that it is important to ensure that all necessary financial and other requirements are met to protect your rights. Please contact us so that we can discuss a marriage agreement with you. Learn more about making a mandatory marriage pact by downloading our free PDF guide here. If any of these situations apply to your impending marriage, you should consider writing a marriage pact with the help of a family lawyer. Such an agreement will simplify the distribution of divorce property should this happen. If you decide not to enter into a marriage agreement, you may find that assets for which you have worked hard or which have a particular sentimental value to you are vulnerable.

However, it can be difficult to take advantage of these benefits if the prenup is not executed properly or does not contain specific legal terminology that is needed to make your spouse more difficult to argue later should not be valid. Discussing marriages with an experienced family lawyer can help you prepare for the legal and financial consequences of marriage. With over 35 years of exclusive family law experience, our dedicated team can help you design a fair and valid pre-marriage contract that protects your future. First, a matrimonial agreement cannot contain provisions involving illegal activities.