In addition to the above-mentioned auctions or restricted shares, the Executive will receive an additional allocation of limited shares valued at $2 million on August 18, 2004 (the date of the first anniversary of employment) on the recommendation of the Chief Executive Officer and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The arbitral award shall be ratified over a period of three years. 4. Liability insurance. The company will also indemnify the board of directors if it is or threatens to become a party to AT&T or a related company of AT&T due to its employment to the maximum extent permitted by law, and it is also completed for any benefits that AT&T derives from such employment. The executive explains that it believes in good faith that its two-year competitive bidding agreement with AT&T has expired and that even if it had not expired, it would not be applicable. 3. Restricted stocks. After the bankruptcy of the company, the officer is entitled to an initial allocation of limited shares worth $5 million at the time of their appearance.

The value of the restricted shares is determined by Lazard LLC, the company`s financial advisor (the financial advisors), and, without obvious error, the determination of the value of these securities by the financial advisors is binding on the company and the officer. All such limited shares shall be ratified over a period of three years from the date of issue. After the release of the number of shares needed to cover the tax taxes due to the unshakability, 75% of the remaining shares will be limited to resale until a date of six months from the termination of the employment relationship. With the prior agreement of the company and the executive, auctions may take the form of limited deferred share units instead of restricted shares. 2. Makeup bonus.