Chelsea Dolan, director of communications at the Department of Transportation, emailed that Progressive Conservatives are working to create a CBA framework before the end of the year. (The government`s “More Homes, More Choices” Act has raised concerns with TCBN: Michelle Francis, Director of Municipal Engagement, says that while the legislation is about land use planning, not major infrastructure projects, the restrictions it would place on municipal services charges, the ability of municipalities to provide basic services and mobilize investment to support inclusive local economic growth.) Finally, to truly strengthen communities, CBAs must be on the poorest people, both in the process and in the outcome. This means ensuring that the most marginalized voices are taken proactively in the decision-making table and that, ultimately, they are the ones who will benefit the most from the next CBA. By placing equity at the heart of economic development, the benefits of the Community can create shared prosperity and enable communities to build sustainable social capital. Then there are the economic benefits that flow from the fact that the money goes directly to the Community. CBAs often contain social supply clauses ensuring that local businesses are used for services such as local catering and printing of leaflets. Correction: An earlier version of this story indicated that the Toronto Community Benefits Network was used for 10 years for a community utility agreement for the Woodbine Casino expansion. In fact, it is a local community organization that is gradually leading the lobbying. regrets this mistake. Powell sees the CBAs as a way to create goodwill and cites the preservation of Kodak Building 9 as an example. “If this collective utility process or negotiation process had not been there, this building would have been destroyed,” she says. “And there would have been a lot of bad will.” CBAs offer the opportunity to use billions of infrastructure investments to bring additional economic, social and environmental benefits. Such benefits would maximize the value of the public dollar in addition to the benefits of the infrastructure itself.

In order to overcome these tensions and challenges and to ensure a good integration of the Community`s voices in the definition of Community achievements, governments should respect a number of guiding principles. It is, however, essential to recognize that the Community largely defines itself. Communities are not the result of public investment, but are already existing and dynamic ecosystems, with existing networks and their own specificities. Communities want to have their own voice in defining, arting and negotiating the benefits they want to see through an infrastructure project. The following resources have been brought together to help people who are organizing for community services. Is there anything we should add? Please send us an e-mail to “You didn`t want this building to be demolished because it was a historic place for them in their community,” Powell says.