The tenant who rents the space, known as a subtenant, will take care of the negotiations, the verification of the applicant (with the rental application) and will take all the responsibility of the subtenant. Once the sublease is signed, the current tenant must return the surface before the lease start date. The subtenant has access to the premises after the payment of a deposit and the first month of rental. Owner: The owner is the person who owns or manages the property, who has offered the property for rent and has signed a lease with the tenant. The landlord must grant the tenant permission to sublet the area. Finally, if your business suddenly needs to move or close before your lease ends, you may need to sublet your space. Do you have too much space or space that you don`t use? If you need to reduce the size, but still have a term for your lease, subletting can be a good option. If you need to reduce the size, you can either sublet some of your storage space or all of your storage space. In fact, any type of agreement is only signed to ensure security for all parties involved. In this case, if you want to rent an office, an office rental agreement may be useful. A sublease agreement is written between the existing tenant of the property and the other designated subtenant. Subtenant actually wishes to sublet a property for commercial purposes. It goes without saying that some money must be paid as part of the implementation of the provisions of the sublease agreement.

These include the deposit, rents, taxes and all electricity bills that contribute to the maintenance of the lease. .