A cohabitation agreement defines each partner`s property rights in terms of existence if your relationship breaks down in the future. This means that you are aware of the ownership of your property and how your bills are paid. If you wish, your life contract can set other rules. For example, you can agree to own everything in the same way, regardless of the amount paid, or you can agree to a different treatment of certain designated assets. The following information on separation agreements is in relation to current requirements. However, we are aware that the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act has currently passed through Parliament Most States have not formulated their reasons for refusing to grant legal status to cohabitation, or even, in some cases, to refuse cohabitation contracts. States that have spoken on this issue are concerned that the importance of marriage may be compromised. But it is also possible that their laws simply reflect several fundamental differences between cohabitation and marriage. Our family lawyers have extensive experience working with clients to negotiate and establish cohabitation contracts that best meet their needs.

We adapt these contracts to the wishes and requirements of our customers. At Holam Law PC, we provide a comprehensive service to our customers from the start, identifying their needs, accounting for their disclosure according to legal requirements, negotiating living conditions and creating the document in accordance with the conditions. Knowing our clients well helps us ensure that their legal needs are met. A cohabitation agreement may be tailored to the requirements of each couple, but should contain provisions dealing with the following provisions: Yes, a cohabitation agreement may be amended once it has been established. It is recommended that you keep it up to date if your relationship changes or if something important happens in your relationship. Among the most important reasons, the reason may be this: a cohabitation contract is a contract between the two of you. To be legally applicable, it must have been done with the intention of having the force of law – the agreement can say so. The document should describe in detail what you agree with.

It must also be “executed as an act” signed in the presence of witnesses. It depends on the complexity of your living conditions and the number of details you want to include in your life agreement. We will discuss costs as soon as we know the nature and extent of your provisions, but the guide will be about 650 usd – 1500 USD plus VAT, depending on the complexity of the agreement.