A partnership represents a number of people who meet between the age of 2 and 20 and who contractually agree to run a joint venture. They also agree to distribute all profits in accordance with their agreement and in proportion to their interests. In South Africa, a partnership is not considered a legal entity. Unlike trusts, businesses and nearby businesses, considered “legal or legal entities,” a partnership is not necessary and no formality is required to establish a partnership. A trust must be registered with the Master of the High Court and a company must be registered with the Registrar of Companies in Pretoria. Such registration is not necessary for a partnership. There is also no legislation that requires a review for a partnership. The partners would own all the assets that are present in the partnership. So it may be the perfect way to consider only the low cost of installation associated with partnerships, but there are also great risks. Partners should also have the same objectives for the company. This ensures that the partnership is moving in the right direction. In addition, partners must make a valuable contribution to the partnership. It can be capital, skills or know-how.

This could have an impact on profit sharing. Partnerships are ideal if you have an idea and people with different and composable regressions. It is quite easy to get started and gives partners an appropriate level of freedom. With the right combination of partners, there is no reason why a partnership should not begin. A partnership is also not ongoing. One of the partners withdraws from the partnership or the partnership is dissolved. If the partners sign a partnership agreement, the agreement cannot change. As soon as a new partner wishes to join or conditions change, the partnership also dissolves. A new partnership agreement is needed.

The following partnership agreement is included, among other things, in the development or discussion of the partnership agreement. – The name of the partnership – the company in which the partnership will be involved – roles and responsibilities of each partner – If they are needed full time – How profits and losses are shared between partners — which partners have cheque and purchase rights — other specifications that could be unique to your startup. partners are generally responsible for the debt. (i.e. in solidarity). Preconditions for the creation of a partnership There must be an agreement between the partnership partners.