Custom support is fully tailored to your business and offers more of what you need and less than you need. Maybe you just want to have delivered the Essential package with original Cat parts that match your maintenance plan. You can choose a top-noted repair and maintenance pack that gives you maximum protection and maximum performance. In order to our group mission to develop and deliver the best solutions with the greatest benefits for our customers, we offer Customer Support Agreements (CSA) at Teknoxgroup to help you better manage your equipment. When it comes to running your business, you are the expert. A CSA gives you more time to focus on what you can do best, while your Cat dealer offers specialized advice, service and support to improve machine performance. CTS: CTS was designed to help customers manage their chassis system and reduce costs by improving the built-in value of CAT chassis components and reducing landing gear inspection time. A CSA is an agreement between us and a customer to meet some or all of the customer`s device management requirements. Scomat proposes: If you hear the term service agreement or CSA, do you immediately think about maintenance? The services and support that help you maintain your resources can be key elements of a CSA, but many agreements go much further to help you improve your overall functioning. We offer a selection of five sets of CSA packages and give you the opportunity to add other services to create the perfect solution for your business. A customer support agreement (CSA) allows you to get the quality of your devices.

CSAs help you optimize your devices` operating time by identifying device problems before they cause errors – and save time and money. Various payment options that meet your business needs and budget CSAs typically include on-site preventative maintenance services, performed by our Cat certified technicians to plant specifications. Customers can also use S-O-S Fluid Analysis (Oil Sampling) to learn more about the condition of the machine. Our experienced service team adapts your CSA to obtain a cost-effective maintenance solution that meets your company`s specific needs. For more information, contact us or call us: 1-888-NEXT CAT. CVAs bring together dealer advice, simple parts purchases and options for flexible payment terms. Designed by Caterpillar for small and medium-sized construction equipment, Yellowmark`s parts ™ find the right balance between comfort and reliability at a more affordable price. Each Cat® device is designed and built to deliver maximum productivity and profitability throughout its lifespan.

At Altorfer Cat, we help you achieve this built-in value through a Customer Support Agreement (CSA). Customer support agreements don`t just apply to large machines. The need to work efficiently and reduce operating costs is the same, regardless of the size, age or application of a machine. This is why CSAs are available for existing fleets and used equipment. Even certified processing machines or dealers can be covered. It`s not just about maintenance and maintenance, it`s about going far beyond that. Our CSAs give you absolute security and flexibility so you can create a package tailored to the needs and budget of your individual fleet.