By voluntarily signing, I show that I have read or read the consent to the treatment mentioned above, that I have been informed of the risks and benefits of acupuncture and other procedures, and that I have had the opportunity to ask questions. I intend to cover this consent form for the entire processing process for my current condition and for all future conditions for which I am looking for treatment. The second reason why the cost of wrongdoing by insurance companies is significantly reduced is the savings resulting from a significant reduction in the amount paid to lawyers. It costs between $50,000 and $100,000 in legal fees to defend a complaint of misconduct in a civil court. It costs between US$15,000 and US$45,000 to defend a doctor in arbitration. This is because motions and confessions between lawyers are largely eliminated by discovery, and because the average arbitration period is five months, not five years. Here, in the East Village Acupuncture – Massage, we offer really effective treatments in a room, with several treatments at the same time. This allows us to offer quality acupuncture at a price low enough for our patients to enter regularly and frequently. Our goal here is to help you become better and stay better! You may have heard of arbitration, but do you know how it can help protect yourself? I will begin by explaining what arbitration is. I`ll tell you how it can help protect you. Make sure you listen to the end, and I`ll tell you how arbitration you can save money. We are on the network with BCBS and Cigna- if you want your insurance benefits verified, so if you see if acupuncture is covered for you, please fill out a service check form on our website. It is important to have a well-written arbitration agreement. You can contact us at AAFC and we provide you with one. Once you have the agreement, you should have all new and existing patients sign. You can inform patients that your office has new documents to make. Most patients are used to signing these contracts and will have no questions. It is interesting to note that studies have shown that patients who refuse to sign arbitration agreements are much more likely to sue you in the future.