Please send comments or suggestions to reciprocal Relay Jumping Program (RJP) travel authorization is a discretionary courtesy, subject to air regulations, company guidelines and approval from the captain of the operating unit. Air Canada participates in the RJP, which allows licensed pilots actively operating on licensed airlines (with which Air Canada has agreements) to travel on an available basis with Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and all Air Canada Express carriers. NOTE: This process can take up to 3 weeks. Electronic ticket numbers are required for partial refunds and the myIDTravel fee is not refunded (i.e. the refund is made through this process). Air-to-air photos taken by aerial photographers of air planes NOTE: PNRs are erased from the system about 24 hours after the scheduled trip. For this reason, please change refunds in the 24-hour window to avoid any refund problems. Agents: Reciprocal Jumpseat Program – OAL Pilots – Policies and Procedures [ACpedia2] Special Paint Schemes Aircraft painted in beautiful and original paintries If you are having difficulties in using our program, please read an Air Canada agent or pilot and please refer to the following documents: [P-EFB > All documents > Policy > reciprocal Jumpseat] Classic Airliners Accessories and Aircraft of the Good Old Military Aircraft All types of air force helicopters to helicopters to air force helicopters around the world Cargo Aircraft Images of large cabin cargo planes Photos show seat arrangements and cargo planes Interior note: Documentation and approval process may vary depending on the workload of Agent Gate and the crew. However, all RJP pilots must report to the flight crew operating at boarding and make their documents available for inspection. NOTE: If you are unable to refund fully unused tickets via myIDTravel due to an “unknown communication error,” follow the “Partial Refunds” section below.