Dies ist eine Vereinbarung zwischen __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________im Folgenden “Mediator”, um in die Mediation mit der Absicht der Lösung der folgenden Probleme einzutreten: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jeder, der dieses Dokument unterzeichnet, unabh-ngig davon, ob er an dem Rechtsstreit beteiligt ist oder nicht, erkl-rt sich mit der Vertraulichkeitsbestimmung dieser Vereinbarung einverstanden. Anyone who signs on behalf of a company indicates that they have the authority to attach them to the confidentiality provisions of this agreement. (d) Any party who calls the Ombudsman as a witness, issues a summons to appear against the Ombudsman or requests the production of the Ombudsman renounces his right to rely on and enforce the confidentiality provisions of that agreement, contrary to the Mediator. (i) the person signed the agreement for mediation; (ii) that the information is otherwise public; or (iii) the person to whom the information is disclosed is a legal or financial adviser for a party to this agreement The payment of the Ombudsman`s expenses and expenses is paid to the Ombudsman with the signing of this agreement. The unearned amount of these deductions is refunded to the parties. The parties are jointly liable for the costs and costs of the mediator. La responsabilité des frais d`intermédiation et des frais d`intermédiation est uniquement entre les parties: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Les parties sont conscientes que l`objectif du mediator is to help the parties reach a fair and constructive agreement that resolves their differences in a collaborative, consensual and informed manner. The Mediator is neutral in this quarrel. The mediator himself does not comment on the contentious issues.

The mediator is impartial throughout the mediation process. The parties understand that after the mediator`s agreement, it is necessary to determine the extent of mediation, and this will be done very early in the mediation process. Participants also understood that the Ombudsman may suspend or terminate mediation if he or she believes that mediation results in an unjustified or inappropriate outcome, when the Mediator feels that a deadlock has been reached or when the mediator finds that he can no longer effectively exercise his or her role as mediator.